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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Anit Illuminati Celebs

When you see that title, you suddenly realize how hard it is to think of one. Princess Diana, DEAD, JFK, DEAD, Michael Jackson (according to some people), DEAD (or perhaps escaping a certain fate? One can only hope).

Does anybody know any real celebrities that are anti-illuminati? They don't have to be blatantly against it, but they have to be.. well good. You know, The Black Eyed Peas, I thought they could be but it seems they may have succum to temptation. I just remember their song, Where is the Love? It may not have been super descriptive, but I thought it had a really good message. On top of that, there is a SECRET BONUS TRACK in NON AMERICAN VERSIONS of it called Third Eye. Also about, well good things. A quote from it; "You can fool me once, but you can't fool me two times, cause I got three eyes, one on the left side, one on the right side, and one up on the inside, I can see you outside."

Maybe I'm just dreaming, but I really hope that the B.E.P. have good intentions. Or at least had at one point.

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  1. There aren't many in the mainstream for the simple fact that the mainstream of any media is what THEY see fit.However there are many lesser known and underground artists which are both subtly and often blatantly denouncing Masonry and Illuminati and openly acknowledging the NWO agenda in their music. (hed)PE, B.O.B., K-rino, Esham,and many others you could find with a "anti illuminati music" youtube search. I know Jim Carrey cas done seminars in awakening consciousness so I assume he is aware of the struggle to keep people from reaching it.